Marianne Clyde is an expert in Mental Health in the workplace. Speaking to businesses and associations  about empowerment, team building and relationship networking, she is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, in practice for over 27 years, energizing speaker and dauntless world traveler. She lived in Japan for over 8 years and has spent time in at least 20 developing countries, teaching about recovery from trauma, personal empowerment and interpersonal relationships.

She has written and published numerous articles, appeared on radio and television worldwide, commenting on topics ranging from gun violence to having a happy marriage. Host and producer of her own TV shows, she has also hosted a call in radio show and has produced Moments of Mindfulness Meditation CD.

After launching 2 best-selling books, Peaceful Parenting: 10 Essential Principles and Un-Leashed: Practical Steps to Get Your Life Unstuck, she has now released her most powerful book to date, Zentivity™: How to Eliminate Chaos, Stress and Discontent in Your Workplace. As chaos, reactivity and polarization reign, whether your workplace is in politics, business or home, she recognizes and advocates for mental health in the workplace.

A companion website is available along with the book at to help readers establish strong new patterns of thought and behavior.

Marianne is the founder of the Marianne Clyde Center for Holistic Psychotherapy, in Warrenton, VA, winner of the 2017 Best of Warrenton award, and also the founder of Be the Change Foundation, helping underprivileged women create and sustain home – based businesses.




At the age of 16, the breakout teenage singer Caroline Roman, is the newest pop artist to take the nation by storm as one of the top performers on the 8th annual critically lauded High School Nation tour along with headlining artist Drake Bell (known for Nickelodeons show “Drake & Josh).  Caroline is currently touring in 32 US cities, headlining at the largest music festival designed exclusively for teens. Her beautiful melodic voice flaunts maturity and confidence on stage, yet radiates the innocence of an ingenue. Caroline juggles between her excellence of an ‘A’ student, pop singer, songwriter, and an all-around predominant performer. The Georgia native is ranked #1 by “Reverbnation” for her hit song “Gold”, written as a weapon against teenage suicide espouses that we’re all perfect the way we are. Her debut single, “Heat of the Summer,” received over 100K plays upon release.

You’ll find America’s fastest rising singing sensation performing next in Tennessee (10/4 – 10/6)and North Carolina (10/9 – 10/13) We’d love to have you sit down with Caroline Roman for an in-studio interview or we can arrange for you to meet her at the venue and sit down with her there.



















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 Heat of the Summer

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Get lost in the energetic, flashy, rapstar ballets of the up and coming musical star Molly Muhfucca. This artist take pride in knowing he’s nothing like what you’ve ever heard or seen before but in ways alike, so his lyrics aren’t too over the heads of his audience. But, that doesnt mean he’s not a phenomenal emcee! With songs like “Metro Flow” and “Get to my level” He would have you in awe as the “braggadocious” rapper delivers punchline after punchline mixed with melodic catchy hooks to get you off of your feet. Molly says the reason he started to go by the name “Molly” is because he wants his music to be your drug. in a radio interview in 2017 the rap prodigy was quoted saying “I want to be everything they need, ya know? and more. They want that typical rapper sh*t? I got you. I do that well. They want that struggle and motivational sh*t? Say less, bro I got you. They want want that “I just hit a lick, now im bout to blow a bag” music? I got you! Just broke up with your girl? I got you. Tryna get your b*tch back? I got you. Basically what im saying is I don’t wanna give y’all any reason to listen to any other rapper but me haha”. Who knows where rapper may be in the next few years. Perhaps, we may be witnessing the next big superstar! One thing for sure is, It only goes up from here. Be on the look out for the rapper’s Debut Mixtape “Devil’s in the Details”. Im interested in seeing what this awesome talent turns out to be.

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Alexa Villa Interview w/ RTWE FM

Alexa Villa Interview w/ RTWE FM

“Singer-keyboardist Alexa Villa projects a natural confidence, an admirable all-in swagger that leaves the listener convinced of her commitment to every word she sings.” -Music Connection Magazine

Alexa’s latest EP entitled, “ACT I” is something to be noticed. She describes her music as “grunge pop with a little blues feel and a whole ‘lotta attitude.” Soaring vocals, surprising chord choices and captivating stories within her lyrics are sure to leave you wanting to more. But it doesn’t end there. Her live performance and style match her quirky and eclectic personality.

Alexa has played Warped Tour and opened for acts like The Darkness, Drake Bell, Mark Ballas and BC Jean of Alexander Jean and Ryan Cabrera to name a few. Alexa also models in LA Fashion week, and for several fashion companies. She has been on set for SpikeTV and various music videos for artists like Chris Brown and Nikki Minaj among others.

Her influences range from Led Zeppelin, to Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, Dorothy, Halsey, Deep Purple, The Neighborhood, Heart, Blondie, the Pretty Reckless, Nirvana, Awolnation, and the list goes on.

From age 7, Alexa has been classically trained playing piano, performing original songs at talent shows and landing lead roles in theater class. She grew up in San Diego playing clubs with her parents’ band and her brothers band before developing her own unique style.

“I want to create an escape and plant a visual in your head. I want to make you feel something new and I want it to encourage you to do the things you’ve always wanted to. Music is not just sound, its an entire world. It’s who I am.”








ALEXA= SONG – Madhouse

      ALEXA - Madhouse




















Kevin Daniels (Fun in Motion Toys) Interview w/ RTWE FM

Kevin Daniels (Fun in Motion Toys) Interview w/ RTWE FM

MOZI- The Mozi toy combines the nostalgia of the slinky and a modern day spinner because it can do both. Once you create motion you can’t stop. The Mozi spins continuously from one arm to another and you can even pass it from one friend to another. It provides limitless fun and infuses engineering, science, and math into fun, everyday play. Newton would definitely be proud! Sold in three colors, silver, green and iridescent, the Mozi is the hit toy of the season. $15.99.


About Us

Fun in Motion Toys is the creator of Spinballs and mozi. We specialize in unique products that get people of all ages moving and grooving! Our mission is not only to create fun products that get you off the couch–we strive to create products with mental and physical benefits to engage people’s bodies and mind while they are engaged in FUN. As we grow, we are committed to providing a growing line of high quality toys that are affordable and safe for all abilities.

Our story began when we decided to provide a high quality, low cost LED poi option by creating Spinballs. Practicing poi brought us together, which is why we created Spinballs – we wanted to create a more affordable and accessible product while maintaining the quality, so we could introduce the benefits of poi to as many people as possible. We love and respect the activity, because it’s both fun and challenging, but it’s not so challenging that it feels impossible to do. We have tuned our product to be the best combination of features for a beginner or expert. 

After that, we couldn’t stop moving with just Spinballs. We wanted to keep the fun times moving along and created mozi – our newest sensation! 

Once we realized we wanted to come out with additional products that provided “fun in motion”, we decided to evolve and become Fun in Motion Toys to suit Spinballs, the launch of mozi, and our next creations. Get up and join the movement!

mozi – geometric arm spinner




Brando X Chippi X Boom Steppa -GRIND!! (Freestyle OMV)









Boom Steppa – Its easy for an artiste to get overshadowed with the abundance of talents in what has become a highly competitive Dancehall Industry but Fabian Wilson more popularly known as Boom Steppa has no plans of getting caught in that trap. A most peculiar name Steppa was given to him by a friend because of how he walks with a rhythm to which he later added the Boom to describe the type of explosive tracks he planned on bring to the mainstream market. At 6ft 2” Boom Steppa towers over not only the average man but also his lyrical contenders with sharp well written songs not to mention flows full of melody and clarity. Born and raised in the St. Catherine community of Central Village Steppa grew up pretty like a normal youth enjoying his childhood days but somewhere around 15 his focus began to                                                                            change and music soon became his calling.

Starting out writing simple hooks Steppa spent his days teaching himself the techniques of song-writing and later began to share his creative lyrics with his brother who at the time was a trying DJ. As his content grew and his mind adapted to that of a recording artist Steppa had developed a style of his own and before he would finish high school was a budding DJ. former student of the Jonathan Grant High, Steppa though he understood the importance of school, some how he couldn’t avoid getting into trouble and was subsequently expelled.

The continued education came in the form of Tivoli Garden High were he did his final two years in school often times taking to the streets in search of recording studios to jump start his career. his chance came as a link brought him to the Black Roots studio’s of veteran rock steady music icon Sugar Minnott where he recorded his very first single “Ghetto Life” a year later. The opportunity gave the still very young Steppa even more confidence in his music and off he went recording for other producers.

As the years passed Steppa took on the added responsibility of ghost writing for not just any DJ but some of the best in the business. Between 2005 – 2007 he penned lyrics for Mr lexx, Predator, Galaxy p, New Kidz and many more, but it wasn’t until Steppa joined forces with the Alliance general Bounty Killer that his name began to resonate in a few circles.

Bounty recorded two tracks for the young writer – “Firm & Strong” in 2006 and 2007 “Four Season” hit. That same year he was featured in the Holiday Medley video with Bounty, Vybz Kartel and Bling Dawg on a track called “That’s who we are” with mr lexx but soon after had to take a break from recording because he was shot and hospitalize for three months. Steppa however recovered and realized that his own career was more essential recording the song “So Much To Me” on the Not Out Riddim In 2007 with a video directed by Robin Chin soon following For PayDay Music he has done “Nuh Bwoy” on the Gangsta Beat Riddim and “Protect Me Please” on the grung ghad Riddim, ”protect the children” on the merge riddim.

In 2009 Boom Steppa decided to break off from Payday Music and start his own record label NEXXSTEP NETWORK,the first production was the successful single “Naaw Stay Poor” with a chart topping music video which went #1 on RETV, peaked #3 on CVM Hitlist,#1 on GBEtv in America etc, following up with another successful single and video “MONEY” Boom Steppa managed to seal link with Philipp Schmitz of Philtunes Music which led to a 6 weeks German tour spring 2011 which saw him performing in Cologne, Monchengladbach, Bochum , Dortmund and even shot a Music Video in Cologne.

On return to Jamaica he wrote and produced the collaboration “NEVER STOP PRAY” which debut CHRONIXX Locally Boom Steppa has performed all across the island and has graced big stages such as Fully Loaded, Bling Dawg Summer Jam and Galiday Bounce…

After seeing things going in the same direction for years Boom Steppa took a break 2012 to analyze and upgrade his style and image, now laced with new songs for 2013 the independent Artist believe his time to break mainstream is not far away and as such will continue paying his dues.

“The future is unpredictable you know but at the same time I’m gonna always work the hardest I can because I wanna take my music to an international level and the ground work is necessary so this is just me looking for the hits to make it happen I’m just going to do Boom Steppa”
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