My name is Glenn Calvin Damond grew up in new Orleans in a ruff family introduced me to the life of a gangster when I was 8 years old..I begin to be back and forth in trouble with the law until I made 14 years old and then a hit was put on me by the law…they couldn’t touch me so they played the cross throwing games with me and other drug lords and gangsters trying to make us kill each other…after awhile I begin to spend a lot of time in prison..there I started writing movies books songs sitcoms cartoons..I have received contracts from record labels even while I’m was incarcerated and book publishing. Companies wanted my books…I have worked with several local artist helping profect their. Work..I have worked with alot of college students dealing with relationship and business …..

Contact Information: Glenn Calvin Damond


PHONE NUMBER:504 202 3142

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