Former presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton recently announced that she too has taken a glance at the Republican’s new health care bill. However, like Senator Elizabeth Warren who had some strong words to say about the bill by calling it “blood money” that’s “paying for tax cuts with American lives”, Clinton has recently given her input on the bill. In a recent tweet, Clinton announced that the GOP would be “the death party” if the bill actually went through. However, according to USA Today, her tweet was mainly a retweet of an article from the Center for American Progress, a liberal advocacy group, and Harvard researchers claiming that roughly 18,000 to 28,000 people could die in 2026 if the were to lose coverage due to the new policy. In addition to Clinton, former president Barack Obama wrote on Facebook a similar post stating how “this bill will do you harm”.

As of Friday, up to Five republican senators have opposed the bill and, if no Democrats vote in favor of the legislation then only GOP members would be needed to keep it from going through.

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