IMG_3215 copyMarvin Payne, AKA (Madd Marvin), a local rapper, born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in an area called Zion City located in North Baton Rouge across from Wilbert funeral. Marvin Payne was born June 26, 1989 he is the oldest child of 5. Madd Marvin has always had love for music; he was percussionist from 7th grade until he graduated high school. But growing up wasn’t an easy task for Madd Marvin. Drugs, violence, and poverty surrounded him. As a result he was facing 4 counts of 1st Degree Attempted Murder by the age of 15. He was acquitted of all charges after serving 11 months in Ryan’s Detention center. By age 17 cops begun harassing and falsely accusing Madd Marvin of 1st Degree Murder Charges, of which he was later booked again but released for lack of evidence. Before Madd Marvin graduated high school. He was booked once again, booked on 3 counts of 1st Degree Attempted Murder for defending himself at a nightclub where a fight broke out and shots were fired. He served 16 months and was released in 2010. Once Madd Marvin was release from jail he forces his time more in the studio then the streets. Madd Marvin has been rapping ever since the age 10 year of age but decided to take it serious after his was release from jail. With the help of three of his fellow teaches (Ms. Walker, Mr.. Barrow and Ms. Young) who believed in him he graduated high school and began taking the necessary steps to get his music out.

Image-3 copyAfter graduating he then hooked up with his recently deceased older cousin, Young Ready AKA (Racked Up Ready) who had an up coming rap label call Bow Ent. They release they’re first track together featuring their longtime friend, Mista Cain, another local Baton Rouge rapper who is currently incarcerated. The track is known as “(Not Gon’ Let You Slide), (Reality Check#5). This track shook the streets of Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. After that it was all set in stone. Madd Marvin, as well as his music, began getting local attention and soon after released his first mixtape called “Goon Muzik” on DatPiff, a well Known mixtape website. The District attorney and local law enforcement began harassing Madd Marvin yet again, trying to link his lyric with personal events they believed had taken place prior. With no substantial evidence he continued to walk free.

IMG_0299In 2014, Madd Marvin departed from (“Bow Ent”) and created his own label called 5400 Enterprises were the trend begins 5400 Ent Enterprises swim team. Swim Team started from a brotherly love and bond of people who grow up together and willing to have each other back. Later in the year Madd Marvin got his first real break when he created a bond with the renowned Rapper from Baton Rouge, Kevin Gates. The two collaborated together on a SONG call “DUCK TAPE’ and Gates often mentions Madd Marvin in his songs. Shortly after Madd Marvin drop his second, and most recent, mixtape ‘Goon Muzik 2’ under his rap label 5400 enterprises. “MESSY MESSY” became one of the most popular songs from his mixtape. From an “insta-sensation” song, where numerous fans made Instagram dance videos, to the clubs favorites. Currently Madd Marvin has changed his life around and has begun raising awareness in the streets by rapping about past experiences and the consequences of his action. Trying to be a positive role Model for the youth, as well as his seven children. Although sometimes remaining positive in an environment where there is still so much violence, drugs, and poverty and racial; profiling he continues to do so with the help of his family and the focus of his music.

887134_10201718510583605_1307455738_oMadd Marvin has performed in various clubs around South Louisiana and surrounding areas such a; Birmingham Alabama, Macomb Mississippi, Centerville Mississippi, Lafayette Louisiana, Lutcher Louisiana, and Monroe Louisiana ECT. Madd Marvin is currently working on his new mixtape “Goon Muzik3“, as well as featuring on an upcoming Young Ready mixtape that had been in the process of being release before the fatal shooting.


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