On Monday, a family inside a home on Reynolds Street in Newnan, Georgia was having a sleepover of four girls before someone fired a gun into their house around 11:30 pm.

Kocoyo Elder, a resident of the neighborhood, stated that she was at home watching TV with her grand kids when she heard the gunshots. “We paused the TV and we heard the sirens,” Elder states, “We came on the porch and saw a lot of police and there were a lot of people walking this way.”

While the neighbors are eager to bring the perpetrator to justice, they worry about any attempt at retaliation. Above all, they wish for the violence to stop altogether. “I’ve been terrified for years because every other month there’s always something going on,” One neighbor named Jackie tells WSBtv, while also mentioning that she constantly worries living in the Newnan area.

Police are currently out looking for the person who sprayed bullets into the home. Newnan Deputy Police Chief Mark Cooper announced to the shooter on WSBtv, “We ask you to have a heart, understand that we want to speak to you. We will hopefully track down leads and locate you and this is your opportunity to come forward and let us know what happened in your own words.”

At the crime scene, investigators believe the gun used was a 9mm, and the police were able to count seven bullet holes in the house. Of the four children inside, two of the girls, both aged at 11 years old, were shot. One of the girls mothers, who was at home at the time, said, “I couldn’t sleep until I got up this morning and knew they were OK.”

Accrding to WSBtv, one of the girls was hit in the cheek, whereas the other was shot in the thigh. They were both taken to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, and both are currently listed as stable.

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