“We strive to deliver original, quality songs that will hopefully move you in one way or another.  We are proof that you can do anything when you put God first!”


 REZNOC is a hip hop artist coming out of CT, a native of Norwalk, CT. He has been following his passion of creating music and verses since he was a kid.

REZNOC is always working on verses with inspiring lyrics and truths that come to him out of real life circumstances. His music resonates with people as soon as they are heard.

His voice and style is a fusion of DMX, Kanye West, and Cee Lo Green, but he is musically creative & talented in his own right. He has his own label Who Want It Ent. (W.W.I.) and has recorded well over 200 tracks throughout his career. With every song surpassing the last, he is the creative force behind it all.

Not only is he a musician by nature, he is also an accomplished basketball player, MMA Fighter, and Personal Trainer, striving for only the best in life. He is motivating by nature, and this characteristic is seen through his lyrics.

REZNOC strives for the best in any situation, and his motto is ENJOY LIFE… HAVE FUN!!!


 You can learn more about REZNOC and his music at, as well as Facebook and YouTube: REZNOC



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