Born on November 14, 1982, in Atlanta, Ga, Slickk Stupid who was formally known as Kannonball back in 2009 up until a few years back was apart of a group called Karnivore Music Group. Then from there to present there has been a release of two mixtapes since. Those releases are I’m a thug vol.1 and Trap Stories the Mixtape.

Rapper Slickk Stupid was born Kelvin O’Neal on November 14, 1982, in Atlanta, Ga.Slickk Stupid has been creating music since 2009. From being a part of Karnivore Music Group to now, Slickk Stupid has overcome a few trails and tribulations, such as being shot twice in the head and having to face other circumstances that were faced before him. He thanks God for still being alive and to have the ability to continue his music.
As being an indie artist and a Paperchase Records artist, Slickk Stupid goal is to gain all the exposure he can and rise to the top to be amongst some of the great. Slickk Stupid currently has the release of two mixtapes, I’m a Thug vol.1 and Trap Stories the Mixtape. He considers himself to be a showstopper. Being a part of Paperchase Records has taught him to be humble and genuine.
Slickk Stupid is the artist with so much more to come. There is a new movement coming, Paperchaserhe says! Just watch…the cross between old trap music and new trap music. Everything is smoothPaperchase and Slickk Stupid, leggo!
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